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Random Photo Screensaver 4 12/02/15 Free to try English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1

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Slideshow screensaver for your digital photos and videos with easy setup and offering loads of customization options.

I'm a keen amateur photographer and back in 2005 the standard Photo Screensavers didn't quite do what I wanted: A screensaver that can show me the name of the picture I'm looking at, enable me to go back to a photo if I missed it, the current time and work smoothly with a large collection (30,000+ photos and videos). 10 years and 4 incarnations after the first version of RPS I've recently released RPS 4. Thanks to loads of user requests features have been added over the years, but don't worry RPS works straight out of the box, you don't have to customize it to use it!

RPS 4 will show your pictures randomly (or sequentially), with a time interval of your choosing. Simply select your images and videos folders and you are ready to go.

* More and better supported images and videos (.jpeg, (animated) .gif, .bmp, .png, .avi, .wmv, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .mpg).

* RAW file support (using UFRaw) for various cameras models (.bay .bmq .cr2 .crw .cs1 .dc2 .dcr .fff .k25 .kdc .mos .mrw .nef .orf .pef .raf .rdc .srf .x3f).

* Open source released under the GNU General Public License

A full installer and uninstaller is included. With version 4, Random Photo Screensaver is the best of its kind and comes highly recommended.

Download it today!

Some highlights of RPS 4 are:

* 10+ transition effects.

* Slideshow stop/resume previous/next functionality.

* Dual screen / multiple monitor support.

* Quicker startup and better performance, even with large number (30,000+) of photos.

* Support for multiple picture/video folders.

* Optionally display: filename/folder info/metadata

* Fully customizable metadata (EXIF/IPTC/XMP) support.

* Auto rotate image based on EXIF orientation.

* Automatic update download.

* Set wallpaper images

"Great screensaver, Tons of features, Free!"

I've been using RPS for years. It is the best screensaver for displaying your image collection that I've ever found. It has a huge number of customization options. There are many interactive controls that can be used via shortcut keys while it's running. Even many paid screensavers can't compare to the level of features this screensaver possesses. I really can't recommend it enough. The best part is that it's free. There aren't even any ads or extra programs attached. 10/10

  • Many customization options
  • Interactive controls
  • Wallpaper manager
  • Better image browser than Windows Photo Viewer
  • Has a brief slowdown period if you have an excessive number of files (I have 80,000+)

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20 Mar 2015

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  1. Slideshow screensaver for your digital photos and videos with easy setup and offering loads of customization options.

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